So, a long, long time ago, over a year ago, I started to make Juni a doll, as you know. I got pretty far with it:

However, I hadn’t done any more work on it. In fact, when we moved this summer, my husband saw it while we were unpacking and suggested I let Juni play with it. Because seriously! So I gave it to her, still intending to finish it.

Every once and awhile, Juni brings me the doll and asks me to give her a face. 😦

So, I decided that I would give Juni this completed doll for Christmas! And I have actually ACTED upon that goal!

Now this doll has a blouse! Here it is!

I told my husband that it was no wonder I was having trouble sitting down to finish the doll: it’s hard! He laughed, of course.

Now I’m off to do the jumper.

(By the way, I bought the pattern online from Wee Wonderfuls, run by a woman who makes amazing dolls and toys.)