I figured I’d better post these because they will be given away very soon! I should point out that this tote is the same project that Frances made several posts ago, and I’ve loved it so much that I made it for someone else!  It’s the perfect size for almost anything! Although the directions and the actual sewing was easy, it was a bit more difficult than I anticipated…I cut ever so carefully but for the life of me could not get the lining and the outer section to not pucker as I sewed them together.  Oh, well…it’s the thought that counts and it still looks pretty cute.

This next gift was one for my sister in law and I got it from a pattern here. And, I tell you, I’m pretty adept at reading patterns (with a little help from my mama) but this seemingly easy pattern wasn’t so simple.  I will say, whatever mistakes were made are somewhat invisible, so this is definitely a very forgiving pattern.  I put a little gift card in here which fit perfectly!  (and the envelope matched the bag, double points for artistic expression!)