I have finished something else! I actually finished it awhile ago, but haven’t had time to write about it.

I made this adorable hat for my baby:

Gloria originally made one for her baby girl and let me know where I could find the (free!) pattern online. It’s at Infarrantly Creative, and it was pretty easy to follow except for a moment when she used the word “hats” to describe both the actual finished piece, as well as two of the parts of the piece, which took me a bit to understand. But that’s nothing new for me: I often have to ask my husband to tell me what some instruction means after I’ve read it one thousand times to no avail. (This happens to me at least once per sewing adventure. Probably part of being a newbie.)

Again, it was so satisfying to make something easily that would have cost me ten times as much to buy. It didn’t take me long to make and I used fabric from my stash (which were remnants from JoAnn’s). Score.

Also, there’s supposed to be velcro holding the bottom flaps together under her chin but I kind of like the way they look just flapping around. What do you think? Silly looking? Not warm enough? Lazy of me?

(Isn’t she adorable?)