For my birthday, my sister-in-law bought me a cookbook by a popular hipster bakery in New York, Momofuku. After seeing the recipe for Birthday Cake, I knew I had to make it for Eliza’s 2nd birthday. With it’s pretty rainbow sprinkles, loads of frosting, and cookie crumbles, it was the epitome of a birthday cake, and a work of art to boot!


It was very involved, but worth every second!

First, the cookie crumbles (they taste like sugar cookies with a hint of salt) 

Next, the cake batter which you beat and beat and then beat some more until it’s light and fluffy.

Doesn’t it look like a pretty cloud? I think I could eat this cake alone and still be happy.

Next up, the frosting, and finally assembly.

Assembly: bottom layer brushed with milk/vanilla soak, frosting, cookie crumbles, frosting again, repeat.

Finally, frost and top with cookie crumbles and frozen for 12 hours and then thawed for at least 3.

Final step, serve!


I was so pleased with the final result. There is one small slice left for me to savor tomorrow. Unfortunately, the birthday girl was sick all weekend and didn’t love the cake.

That’s ok. More for me 🙂