Ha! I finally finished something! A bag for my new camera!

camerabag4I found the tutorial here at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom and found it very helpful. I haven’t quilted anything before, and even though this was a small, small experience, I have to say that I didn’t like the tracing lines or snipping countless threads at the beginnings and ends of stitch lines. (Mom–as an impatient person, how do you do it?)

stitched together incorrectly

stitched together incorrectly

I only had to rip stitches once! However, they were along three sides of the project, so it took awhile. I tried to remember all the advice I’ve heard for beginning seamstresses, about accepting that ripping seams and fixing mistakes is as much a part of the process as sewing or ironing. And I could have done more seam ripping if I wasn’t so impatient (see the end with the elastic that I sewed twice, once quite wonky). I just wanted to be done! Here are photos of the pouch without the giant button (for you, Mom):

camerabag3camerabag2My hoarding tendencies paid off big with this project: I didn’t have to buy anything for it! I already had everything, including a giant button that had come with an Ann Taylor maternity sweater years ago. I didn’t have the elastic cord she used in the tutorial, so I just used some thinnish elastic band I already had. The outside material is something I’ve been saving for years, and the inside material is from Big Girl Bee’s apron. And then I used extra fleece for the batting in-between layers. Yippee!

Notes for next time: I’m going to add 1.5 in. to the length, because although I added about half an inch this time, it wasn’t long enough for some breathing room. It’s probably related to the fact that I used thicker fabrics than the tutorial recommended (a corduroy and a home decor/duck-type fabric). Bulky. Definitely put my machine to the test.

Evie slept most of the time while Juni worked on her own project in the craft room with me. I gave her the scraps of my fabric and she would put them together on her own and ask me to stitch them together at certain places, which I would do on the sewing machine in between my steps. I don’t think she ended up with anything specific, but she seemed to be aiming at a bib for her baby doll. It was a great way to work together. Daddy ended up bringing both girls to the park as I was finishing up, and I put the button on this morning. It’s perfect! Now we can carry the camera around without damaging it.